My Maths Videos

I’ve made a few sim­ple maths videos. By far the most pop­u­lar is “How to Learn Your Times Tables Fast”. This one video has been viewed over 235,000 times! The other videos are not quite as pop­u­lar but every video is short and to the point. None of my videos have sound. I decided that most peo­ple would pre­fer to lis­ten to a song of their own choice rather than lis­ten to muzak or my dron­ing voice!

1. How to Learn Your Times Tables Fast.

2. How to Mul­ti­ply Using the Grid Method.

This video shows how to mul­ti­ply two (or more) digit num­bers. You do need to know your times tables up to the ten times tables but this is a straight­for­ward and easy to fol­low method.

Frac­tions Videos (Add, Sub­tract, Mul­ti­ply and Divide)

Adding, sub­tract­ing, mul­ti­ply­ing and divid­ing frac­tions is not dif­fi­cult but there are cer­tain steps to fol­low in each case. If you know these steps or rules then you will have no prob­lems. The best way to mem­o­rise the steps is to just work through some examples.

3. How to Add Frac­tions in 5 Easy Steps

4. How to Sub­tract Frac­tions in 5 Easy Steps

5. How to Mul­ti­ply Frac­tions in 4 Easy Steps

6. How to Divide Frac­tions in 5 Easy Steps

This video shows how you just have to flip one of the frac­tions and then mul­ti­ply. If it’s not imme­di­ately obvi­ous why this should work, this video shows the proof so you can under­stand why it does work. There’s no “need” to know why it does work but if you under­stand the proof, you’ll never for­get how to divide fractions.

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