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I started this blog with a focus on Maths GCSE but I’m equally fas­ci­nated by the way maths is taught in pri­mary schools. Clearly how numer­acy is taught and learned at pri­mary schools has a major impact on Maths GCSE out­comes. In addi­tion at pri­mary school chil­dren are taught the basics of shapes, frac­tions, dec­i­mals, graphs, angles, trigonom­e­try, alge­bra and probability.

I’ve added a few pages that cover sub­jects that should be learned at pri­mary school but are often not totally mas­tered. Sub­jects such as times tables and frac­tions are impor­tant foun­da­tions for suc­cess at the GCSE level.

Pages Cov­er­ing Pri­mary School Topics

Maths Cur­ricu­lum Changes Sep­tem­ber 2014 Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2

How Numer­acy is Taught in Pri­mary Schools

How to Learn Your Times Tables Fast (up to ten times table).

How to Learn the 11 Times Table.

How to Learn the 12 Times Table.

Mul­ti­pli­ca­tion using the Grid Method (includ­ing decimals).

Mul­ti­pli­ca­tion using the Lat­tice Method (includ­ing decimals).

How to Add Frac­tions in 5 Sim­ple Steps.

How to Sub­tract Frac­tions in 5 Sim­ple Steps.

How to Mul­ti­ply Frac­tions in 4 Sim­ple Steps.

How to Divide Frac­tions in 5 Sim­ple Steps.

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