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I started this blog to help me to help my chil­dren with their maths home­work. I’d last stud­ied maths back in the sev­en­ties when  I achieved grade ‘A’ (no such thing as ‘A star’ back then!) Maths ‘O-Level’. It was a bit of a sur­prise to find I some­times strug­gled to help my teenage chil­dren with their Key Stage 3 (the stage before GCSE’s) maths homework.

I wasn’t sure if I should blame my mem­ory or changes to the syl­labus. I decided to find out. I ordered a Maths GCSE text­book and set about get­ting back up to speed. I soon dis­cov­ered that I had for­got­ten a lot — even “sim­ple” things like how to add, sub­tract, mul­ti­ple and divide frac­tions. I’ve been using this blog to make my own study notes as I work my way through the GCSE syl­labus (see index of my GCSE notes here).

As I researched Maths it was clear that many stu­dents either strug­gle with or, like me, for­get some of the basics such as times tables or frac­tions. I made some sim­ple videos (mostly less than two min­utes) covering:

- How to Learn Your Times Tables Fast

- How to Mul­ti­ply Using the Grid Method

- Adding Frac­tions in 5 Sim­ple Steps

- How to Sub­tract Frac­tions in 5 Sim­ple Steps

- How to Mul­ti­ply Frac­tions, Improper Num­bers and Mixed Fractions

- How to Divide Frac­tions Includ­ing Mixed Num­bers and Improper Fractions

I’m also inter­ested in how maths and numer­acy is taught in pri­mary school and in the first years of secondary/comprehensive schools. Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 all lay foun­da­tions for Maths GCSE. Here’s the index of Pri­mary School con­tent on this blog. I will add more con­tent– espe­cially about numer­acy teach­ing meth­ods at Pri­mary Schools.

At one point, I thought I would take Maths GCSE as a mature student/private can­di­date. I inves­ti­gated the steps you have to fol­low– how you find an exam cen­tre, how you apply, timetable and costs.

I will be adding more and more con­tent to this blog includ­ing Key Stages 1 through 3, Maths GCSE, tak­ing Maths GCSE as a pri­vate can­di­date, more videos, resources (such as the MyMaths web­site and the online resources of the Khan Acad­emy), maths teach­ing meth­ods, gov­ern­ment pol­icy and maths, resources to help par­ents to help their chil­dren with maths and any­thing else that comes up on my maths radar! I will also add a forum so that stu­dents, mature stu­dents and par­ents may share infor­ma­tion, ask ques­tions and help each other.

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