This blog will focus on Maths GCSE but will also include some pri­mary school numeracy:-

1) Show my notes as I help my chil­dren pre­pare for their Maths GCSE exams.

2) Share my expe­ri­ence with any­one else study­ing Maths (up to Maths GCSE)

3) Under­stand how Maths is taught today and how it com­pares to my maths school expe­ri­ence.

I was amazed to read in the Guardian that nation­ally 22% of 11–16 year-olds had pri­vate tuition and that in Lon­don that fig­ure rock­ets to 43%!

Its over 30 years since I stud­ied Maths so its prob­a­bly not sur­pris­ing that I couldn’t imme­di­ately help with my daughter’s home­work. My first thought was to learn with my chil­dren but I thought they would prob­a­bly become impa­tient as they watched me strug­gle. Then it struck me, my chil­dren are only 10 and 12 so I had a few years before they would start Maths GCSE, why not find out all about the syl­labus, get a book and study so I could help them.

MyMaths blog will doc­u­ment my ups and downs and pro­vide a resource for like minded par­ents. I must admit I don’t know what I’m get­ting into and will need all the help I can get. If you have any tips or use­ful links please pass them on.

I will use the blog to record my notes as I go through the Maths GCSE syl­labus. Please feel free to leave com­ments and ask ques­tions. Please note that I am not a Maths teacher and my only qual­i­fi­ca­tion is Maths O Level (in the sev­en­ties this was the equiv­a­lent to Maths GCSE today).

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  1. Kay says:

    I rec­om­mend the GCSE maths books on the above web­site.
    They are par­tic­u­larly suit­able for stu­dents doing a 1 year
    GCSE revision/ resit class.
    They have a write-on for­mat through­out and give plenty of
    prac­tice until con­fi­dence is gained. The major ben­e­fit is that
    you then have a clearly struc­tured set of notes to revise from.

    Best of luck.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Kay

    I’ve already pur­chased a text­book (AQA GCSE Math­e­mat­ics for higher sets– edi­tor Glyn Payne pub­lished Longman-Pearson). Are the books you rec­om­mend suit­able for new AQA Maths GCSE 2010?

  3. Hello there, i was search­ing for new resources to write new texts and found your blog. I really enjoy it and i have appre­ci­ated your effort of mak­ing this blog by giv­ing you a dofol­low link from my blog on our sites we like page: http://earlychildhoodeducationsalary.net/sites-we-like/. Keep on the fan­tas­tic work.

  4. wadzanai says:


  5. Tanya says:


    I’m a 34 year old inde­pen­dent, self taught maths stu­dent. I want to sit the maths foun­da­tion, lin­ear GCSE in 2012 as I need maths to study Teach­ing. I’ve been on the AQA web­site, look­ing for study guides and all I’ve found are sam­ple and spec­i­fi­ca­tion papers. I’d really like this text book you pur­chased. Can you post or send me the web­site link please? I’m really pleased to have found this blog.


    • admin says:

      Hi Tanya

      This link takes you to the AQA Resources page for GCSE Lin­ear Maths. From there you will see a link to text­books. If you click on this you will see a list of all the pub­lish­ers (includ­ing my choice, Longman).

      On my resources page I also include links to enable you to go to Ama­zon (amaz­ingly its a lit­tle cheaper to buy the books through Ama­zon than through the links pro­vided by AQA) and buy the text books for Maths GCSE 2010 Lin­ear course (Higher, Mid­dle and Foun­da­tion). Did you know that Higher cov­ers grades D to A*, Mid­dle cov­ers grades E to B and Foun­da­tion G to C?

      Here’s link to resources page:- Resources Page

  6. gainni says:

    can you put more meth­ods on here

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the ques­tion Gainni

      For the 2, 3, 4 & 5 times tables I’m not sure that there are any tricks or meth­ods to help. I think you just have to learn them through rep­e­ti­tion. Play­ing online games may also help. Here is link to a good free resource that was set up by a pri­mary school:-
      Maths Timetables

      Does this help?

  7. tom says:

    i like this but i want some prac­tice pass papers to work on and can u hurry it up because i got my exam this Wednes­day. please, please, please

  8. jacqui says:

    Hi my son uses mymaths for school maths home­work and loves it — being able to get a score and then redo to learn and get a bet­ter mark is such a good idea.
    The rea­son Ama­zon is cheaper is a lot of their stuff comes via the Chan­nel Islands where there are loop holes in vat (which are about to be closed by the gov­ern­ment) so we will soon find the stuff from Ama­zon goes up in price I’m afraid. Good blog. I got my maths three or four years ago and it was such hard work. (I’m 55!) but I got it thank goodness.

    • admin says:

      Hi Jacqui,

      My daugh­ter also uses mymaths. I’m not sure she would say that she loves it but it cer­tainly helps her and I agree that it has lots of good fea­tures. I didn’t real­ize that Ama­zon used this loop­hole– it will be inter­est­ing to see what hap­pens. Con­grats on get­ting your Maths GCSE. I find it a lot harder now than I did in my teens. I’m sure the syl­labus now is more exten­sive and chal­leng­ing than it was when took my O level back in the mid seventies.

  9. thanks for your blog, i want to admit my younger brother in an Eng­lish medium school.
    hope , we col­lect more infor­ma­tion regard­ing maths form your site ,
    any way, can you give some more expla­na­tion about Maths GCSE 2010.

  10. Re-math says:

    Hi admin,
    Your blog is very help­ful. I want to know long it can take me pre­pare fully. I want to sit in the exam asap i.e. in June 2012.

    My back­ground
    I haven’t even bought the book or con­tacted any­body about sit­ting the exam. I am 28 year old. I came to UK in 2009. I stud­ied Maths in my matric (gcse level), fsc(a level), BSc com­put­ers. The I did MS com­put­ers but there was no Maths in my MS. I was quite good at Maths. My two sis­ters did inter­na­tional gcse and a lev­els. So I know I stud­ied far beyond ALevel. But I left Maths in about 2003.

    I want to do a Post­grad­u­ate Certfi­cate of Edu­ca­tion in Maths and then teach GCSE and CSE. I don’t need to sit for any exam. May be just GCSE Eng­lish. But I want to do full jus­tice to the job and sit for GCSE Maths, addi­tional Maths and Eng­lish and CSE Maths and fur­ther Maths.

    I just want to know how soon can I sit?

    • admin says:

      Based on your expe­ri­ence my best guess would be that you should not find it dif­fi­cult. Obvi­ously, how long it will take you to pre­pare depends on how many hours you can spare per day. Please note I am not a teacher and it’s well over 30 years since I went to school so I’m not qual­i­fied to offer any­thing other than com­mon sense! As you have pre­vi­ously stud­ied to “A level” it should not take you too long. I cer­tainly think you could be ready to sit the exam in June 2012. You need to find a local exam cen­tre and apply as soon as pos­si­ble. My local exam cen­tre asked me to come in before 10th Feb­ru­ary to be sure to meet their dead­line. Did you read my arti­cle about becom­ing a pri­vate can­di­date (here’s link). In sum­mary you need to decide which exam­in­ing board you are going to use, find a local exam­i­na­tion cen­tre. Then ring the exam cen­tre and make an appoint­ment to go in and sort out the admin. You will need to take in a photo ID and a fee (my local cen­tre charged £62.60– but it will vary a lit­tle from cen­tre to centre).

      Good Luck!

  11. Re-math says:

    How do yo know which school is using which board?

    • admin says:

      If you are talk­ing about sit­ting as a pri­vate can­di­date, each board has des­ig­nated exam cen­tres for pri­vate can­di­dates. The boards pub­lish lists of these cen­tres. If you check out this link it explains a bit more. Basi­cally, you have to find out and then ring your near­est exam cen­tre to arrange to sit the exam.

  12. sana says:

    Hi there, i really want a mock gcse exam online. is that pos­si­ble on this web­site?
    Thanks :)

  13. veethusan says:

    kl i doing my GCSE for maths yh and i can you put some web­site that has past paper tat u can access for free plz

    • admin says:

      Hi Veethu­san
      Sorry I’ve taken so long to reply. If you go to my resources page you will find (at the bot­tom of the page) links to AQA’s spec­i­men ques­tion papers and mark­ing schemes for the new Maths GCSE (2010) paper (first exams June 2012). Please note there are spec­i­men papers for the foun­da­tion and higher lev­els. I hope this helps.

  14. crystal silcox says:

    hey i need soome help with my maths prob­lems please help in

  15. Jinu Kim says:

    Hi ‚I‘m 4th grade stu­dent.
    Really i don‘t under­stand 319 ?
    x 52
    6 3 8
    1 5 9 5
    1 6 4 8 8
    Please help this ^ ^ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Jinu Kim says:

    Sorry , I mean,

    x 52

    • admin says:

      Hi Jinu– Thanks for the ques­tion. Have you tried the grid method of mul­ti­pli­ca­tion? I explain it here (includes video) You might find if you answer this ques­tion using the grid method– you might under­stand how it works using the nor­mal method that you showed. Please let me know how you get on. If you’re still not sure I will try to find a way of mak­ing it clearer.

  17. Steve says:

    Great idea — good luck. Have a look at my blog, I’ve put together som ideas that just might help you and your kids.


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